100 years of European cinema: Entertainment or ideology?

100 years of European cinema: Entertainment or ideology?

Cinema offers leisure, however it additionally, unavoidably, communicates a collection of values, a imaginative and prescient of the area or an ideology. From its beginnings greater than a century in the past, eu cinema has dealt in a number of methods with the stress among those capabilities: on the extremes, dictatorial regimes have sweetened the tablet of ideology with the sugar of leisure. in the meantime, spectators have endured in looking for, specifically, the excitement movie can provide.

This booklet explores the complicated dating among leisure, ideology and audiences in ecu movie, via reports that diversity from the Stalinist musicals of the Nineteen Thirties, to cinematic representations of masculinity lower than Franco, to fresh French movies and their Hollywood remakes.

Diverse and pleasing, a hundred years of ecu cinema is addressed to scholars of movie - in particular French, German, Russian or Spanish - and to these readers and teachers drawn to either the historical past of cinema and in ecu culture.

Contributors comprise; Richard Taylor, Rosemary Scott, Daniela Berghahn, Andea Rinke, Peter Hames, Peter William Evans, Parvati Nair, Steve Cannon, Eliane Meyer, Stefan Wolff, David Gillespie, Wendy Everatt, Julia Dobson and Peter Kramer.

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