311 Pelican Court (A Cedar Cove Novel)

311 Pelican Court (A Cedar Cove Novel)

Debbie Macomber

Olivia Lockhart
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,

One factor approximately Cedar Cove—people yes have an interest in what folks are doing. Take Zach and Rosie Cox, for example. every person on the town is familiar with that they lately bought a divorce. every person additionally is aware that I decreed a a bit of strange custody association. It will not be the youngsters relocating among Rosie's position and Zach's. they're going to proceed to dwell within the relatives domestic at 311 Pelican courtroom. Their parents are those who'll be going again and forth.

I need to say i am not resistant to gossip myself. individuals are asking if i'm going to stick with Jack, who runs the Cedar Cove Chronicle, or will i am getting again with my ex?

But the rather tremendous gossip is set the lifeless man—the guy who died at a neighborhood bed-and-breakfast. who's he and why did he appear there in the course of the evening? Roy McAfee, a neighborhood inner most investigator, is decided to determine. i am hoping he does—and then i will fill you in. speak soon….


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