A Comparative Practical Grammar of French, Spanish and Italian

A Comparative Practical Grammar of French, Spanish and Italian

Mario A. Pei, Oliver W. Heatwole

an exceptional comparative examining grammar of the 3 significant romance languages. even though possibly geared in the direction of English scholars studying a language for the 1st time, it is going to be most respected to English audio system that have already got a studying fluency in a single of those 3 languages--simply for the familiarity with the grammatical phrases, the subjunctive temper, etc.

highly recommended.
review for ielanguages blog:
1. A Comparative sensible Grammar of French, Spanish and Italian by way of O. W. Heatwole (1949) you will be in a position to purchase it from third-party on Amazon; at present a paperback variation from 1977 is offered for $15.99. (I don’t be aware of if the 1977 variation is any diversified from the 1949 variation because it may perhaps simply be a reprint.) The e-book was once edited by way of Mario Pei and within the foreword, he explains why a publication of this sort is needed:

“But how exceptional wouldn't it be if there have been just a comparative grammar of the most Romance languages, that will let me to match at a look a rule within the language with which i'm so much accustomed to the corresponding rule within the language i do know least!”

This paintings is a solution to the wakeful and subconscious wishes of those scholars and instructor of Romance languages. it's a publication the need of which has lengthy been felt, yet by some means not anyone has ever taken the difficulty to provide it.

There is a few inconsistency within the indisputable fact that Departments of Romance Languages are way more universal in our approach of upper schooling than separate Departments of French, Spanish and Italian, but nowhere are the Romance Languages taught as a unit from the comparative attitude that may let the learner to prevent significant confusions and significant pitfalls. studying 3 similar languages right now may still definitely end up not more tricky than studying them individually.

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