A Dance At The Slaughterhouse (Matthew Scudder, Book 9)

A Dance At The Slaughterhouse (Matthew Scudder, Book 9)

Lawrence Block

there's no accolade or significant secret award that has now not already been bestowed upon Lawrence Block. His acclaimed crime novels are asintelligent, provocative, and emotionally advanced as they're nerve-tighteningly extreme. and maybe the main revered of his myriad works are the Matthew Scudder books -- masterworks of suspenseful invention that includes a amazing protagonist wealthy in judgment of right and wrong and personality, with all of the flaws that his humanity includes. this can be the detective novel as excessive art.

A Dance on the SlaughterhouseIn Matt Scudder's brain, cash, energy, and place bring up not anyone above morality and the legislation. Now the ex-cop and unlicensed p.i. has been employed to end up that socialite Richard Thurman orchestrated the brutal homicide of his attractive, pregnant spouse. in the course of Scudder's demanding ingesting years, he left a bit of his soul on each seedy nook of new york. yet this situation is extra wicked and extra in all likelihood devastating than something he skilled whereas floundering within the city depths. simply because this research is prime Scudder on a daunting grand travel of recent York's sex-for-sale underworld -- the place an blameless younger existence is just a commodity to be obtained and perverted ... after which destroyed.

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