A Lie About My Father: A Memoir

A Lie About My Father: A Memoir

John Burnside

My father informed lies all his existence and, simply because I knew no larger, I repeated them. Lies approximately every little thing, nice and small, have been the very textile of my world.

The lie within the name of excellent memoir Lie approximately My Father is born of disgrace. touring round upstate manhattan within the nineties, John Burnside cannot endure to proportion the reality approximately his father in the course of an informal dialog with a hitchhiker. He covers his uneasiness with a lie. It felt usual to do so.

His father, deserted as a child on a stranger's doorstep, created a masterful internet of deceit to erase this insufferable truth. John, whilst a toddler, represented every little thing that used to be flawed with the area and have become the recipient of his father's selfhatred within the type of enraged violence, and worse, petty, merciless belittlement. becoming up within the tricky working-class neighborhoods of Scotland and later England, John discovered to lie again to his father and, later, approximately his father.

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