A Room with a View (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

A Room with a View (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

E. M. Forster

an enthralling story of the conflict among bourgeois repression and radical romanticism, E. M. Forster’s 3rd novel has lengthy been the most well-liked of his early works. a tender woman, Lucy Honeychurch, and her chaperon—products of right Edwardian England—visit a tempestuous, passionate Italy. Their “room with a view” lets them inspect a global a long way diverse from their very own, an international unconcerned with conference, unfettered via social rituals, and unafraid of emotion. quickly Lucy unearths herself certain to an evidently “unsuitable” guy, the melancholic George Emerson, whose mistaken advances she dare now not publicize. again domestic, her pal and mentor Charlotte Bartlett and her mom, attempt to control her into marriage with the extra “appropriate” yet smotheringly boring Cecil Vyse, whose surname indicates the imprisoning influence he could have on Lucy’s spirit.

A colourful gallery of characters, together with George’s riotously humorous father, Lucy’s sullen brother, the novelist Eleanor Lavish, and the reverend Mr. Beebe, line up on both sides, and A Room with a View unfolds as a delightfully satiric comedy of manners and an immensely fulfilling love tale.

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