A Sociology of Globalization (Contemporary Societies Series)

A Sociology of Globalization (Contemporary Societies Series)

Saskia Sassen

This groundbreaking research makes a speciality of the significance of position, scale, and kingdom to the research of globalization.

Sassen identifies units of strategies that make up globalization: the 1st and often studied set of strategies is international associations, from the area exchange association to the struggle Crime Tribunals; the second one and no more often explored set of procedures ensue on the nationwide and native point, together with nation financial coverage, small-scale activism that has an specific or implicit worldwide time table, and native politics. Emphasizing the interaction among international and native phenomena, Sassen insightfully examines new types and prerequisites resembling worldwide towns, transnational groups, and commodity chains. This new angle to globalization bargains new interpretive and analytic instruments to appreciate the complexity of world interdependence. Sociology of Globalization is a part of the modern Societies sequence.

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