A Thousand Faces

A Thousand Faces

Janci Patterson

In her debut YA technological know-how fiction novel, Janci Patterson offers a mystery that number 1 NYT bestseller James Dashner calls "a excellent book" and no 1 NYT bestseller Brandon Sanderson calls "hands down one in every of my favourite novels of the year."

In the realm of high-stakes espionage, it will pay with a purpose to switch your face. And that’s simply what sixteen-year-old Jory and her kin of shape-shifting spies can do—alter their faces and our bodies to appear like somebody. Jory is in education to be a whole family member business—when she will persuade her mom and dad to allow her support with their complicated cons.

But while Jory’s mom and dad move lacking at the task, Jory is thrown right into a international of secrets and techniques, lies, and stolen identities that would placed all her education to the try. Jory’s consistently desired to be a member of the team—

But saving her relatives could be the so much tricky activity of all.

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