A Worldly Country: New Poems

A Worldly Country: New Poems

John Ashbery

Thrill of a Romance

It's varied in case you have hiccups.
every little thing is—so many joyful palms competing
to your cognizance, a headscarf, a pant of soot,
or simply a blast of silence from a radio.
what's it? That's so you might examine
on your dismay while, on the finish of a protracted queue
within the cafeteria, tray in hand, they inform you the gate closed down
after the second one global warfare. Syracuse was once declared capital
of a state in malaise, however the directorate
had different, hidden pursuits. To proclaim good judgment
a casualty of fact used to be one.

Everyone's solitude (and ensuing promiscuity)
perfumed the byways of villages we had proposal civilized.
I observed you looking ahead to a streetcar and pressed ahead.
regrettably, you have been just a baby in armor. Now while ribald toasts
sail around a desk too reasonable laid out, why the implications
are just dirt, disorder and previous age. friendly stories
are only that. So I channel no matter what
into my contingency, a vein of mercury
that retains breaking out, larger up, extra on time
whenever. Dirndls noticed with out of date vegetation,
worn within the urban back, advertise open discussion.

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