A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey

A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey

Kevin Murphy

For a few of us, moviegoing is an occasional excitement. Kevin Murphy made it his obsession, and he did it for you.

Mr. Murphy, identified to legions of lovers as Tom Servo at the mythical television sequence Mystery technology Theater 3000, went to the films each day for a yr. that is every unmarried day, humans. For a whole fricken' year. and never in simple terms did he undergo, he prevailed -- for this is often the hilarious, poignant, attention-grabbing magazine of his adventures: the 1st publication concerning the video clips from the audience's aspect of view.

Kevin went to the multiplex, convinced. yet he did not cease there. He chanced on the world's smallest advertisement movie show. one other one made thoroughly of ice. looked at flicks in a tin-roofed hut within the South Pacific. Tooled around the barren region from drive-in to drive-in in a cool convertible. Lived for every week completely on theater nutrients. Took six diverse girls to an analogous date motion picture. Dressed up as a nun for the Sing-Along Sound of Music in London. Sneaked into the Cannes and Sundance movie fairs. Smuggled a whole Thanksgiving dinner right into a movie show. And observed hundreds and hundreds of flicks, from the Arctic Circle to the Equator, from the chic to the unspeakable. Come alongside on a joyous international social gathering of the cinema with a guy on a project -- to spend A 12 months on the Movies.

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