All That Falls (Etherlin, Book 2)

All That Falls (Etherlin, Book 2)

Kimberly Frost

"The Etherlin muses have lengthy served because the resource of divine suggestion. Now their international stands among the forces of Heaven and Hell..."

As his muse, Cerise propelled her musician boyfriend to the heights of repute, but if he dies below mysterious situations, her powers vanish. Now Cerise is tormented by demanding half-formed thoughts of his ultimate night...until she meets Lysander, who turns out to carry the major to restoring her stories and talents.

Fallen archangel Lysander is ate up via his quest for redemption until eventually it leads him to the fascinating Cerise. Now his thirst for revenge is rivaled simply through his ardour for the girl he can't omit and won't withstand.

Bound by means of blood and stalked through a dangerous enemy, will they pay the final word rate for succumbing to their ardour?

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