Alpha and Omega: The Search for the Beginning and End of the Universe

Alpha and Omega: The Search for the Beginning and End of the Universe

Charles Seife

Humankind has grappled for millennia with the elemental questions of the foundation and finish of the universe--it was once a spotlight of historical religions and myths and of the inquiries of Aristotle, Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, and Newton. this present day we're on the verge of collapse of discoveries that are meant to quickly demonstrate the inner most secrets and techniques of the universe.

Alpha and Omega is a dispatch from front strains of the cosmological revolution that's being waged at observatories and laboratories round the world-in Europe, in the USA, or even in Antarctica--where scientists are literally peering into either the cradle of the universe and its grave. Scientists--including galaxy hunters and microwave eavesdroppers, gravity theorists and atom smashers, all of whom are at the path of darkish topic, darkish power, and the turning out to be population of the particle zoo-now understand how the universe will finish and are close to realizing its starting. Their findings can be one of the maximum triumphs of technological know-how, even towering above the decoding of the human genome.

This is the publication you want to support comprehend the common front-page headlines heralding dramatic cosmological discoveries. It makes state-of-the-art technological know-how either crystal transparent and beautifully interesting.

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