Arcanum: A Single Spark Can Ignite the World

Arcanum: A Single Spark Can Ignite the World

Simon Morden

Rome used to be the heart of the main robust empire the area had ever obvious, yet that didn't cease it falling to Alaric the Goth, his horde of barbarian tribesmen and their wild spell-casting shamen. Having cut up the partitions with their sorcery and slaughtered the population with their axes, the victors carved up the empire right into a sequence of bickering states which have been by no means greater than an insult clear of war.

A thousand years later, and Europe has develop into a nearly civilized position. The rulers of the previous Roman palatinates confine their conflict to the quick summer time months, alternate prospers alongside the rivers and roads, and farming has turn into much less back-breaking, all because of the magic, bestowed through gods, that infuses day-by-day life.

Even the barbarians' gods were tamed: the place as soon as human sacrifices poured their blood onto the floor, there are events and picnics, consuming and making a song, healthy for warm humans and their children.

But it feels like the gods are going to have the final snicker earlier than they slip quietly into ill-remembered obscurity...

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