Bedlam: A Novel of Love and Madness

Bedlam: A Novel of Love and Madness

Greg Hollingshead

An foreign IMPAC Dublin Literary Award Nominee

A Toronto Globe and Mail top publication of the Year

Conspiracies, plots, and paranoia are sweeping via London within the final days of the eighteenth century, and James Tilly Matthews has been stuck lower than fake pretenses and locked up within the city's great, crumbling asylum. As his spouse, Margaret, attempts desperately to unfastened him, political forces conspire to maintain him locked up. Margaret's leader adversary is John Haslam, the asylum's leader apothecary, a guy torn among his moral sense and the entice of clinical discovery: as James turns into extra famous--and extra unhinged--he turns into a invaluable specimen for the younger health practitioner and a pawn in a grand political conspiracy. in accordance with actual characters and occasions, Bedlam is an excellent evocation of a urban teetering among darkness and light-weight, and a relocating examine of each type of madness.

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