Bicycle: The History

Bicycle: The History

David V. Herlihy

During the 19th century, the bicycle evoked a thrilling new global during which even a bad individual may perhaps trip afar and at will. yet used to be the “mechanical horse” really destined to bring in a brand new period of street trip or would it not stay in simple terms a plaything for dandies and schoolboys? In Bicycle: The background (named by way of Outside journal because the number one publication on bicycles), David Herlihy recounts the saga of this far-reaching invention and the passions it aroused. The pioneer racer James Moore insisted the bicycle could develop into “as universal as umbrellas.” Mark Twain used to be extra skeptical, enjoining his readers to “get a bicycle. you won't remorse it—if you live.”

Because we are living in an age of cross-country bicycle racing and high-tech mountain motorcycles, we may possibly put out of your mind the a long time of improvement and ingenuity that reworked the fundamental notion of human-powered transportation right into a wonder of engineering. This full of life and engrossing background retraces the extreme tale of the bicycle—a background of disputed patents, amazing innovations, and overlooked possibilities. Herlihy exhibits us why the bicycle captured the public’s mind's eye and the myriad ways that it reshaped our world.

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