Blackwood (Strange Chemistry)

Blackwood (Strange Chemistry)

Gwenda Bond

On Roanoke Island, the legend of the 114 those that mysteriously vanished from the misplaced Colony 1000s of years in the past is simply an out of doors drama for the travelers, a narrative humans inform. but if the island faces the unexpected disappearance of 114 humans now, an not going pair of 17-year-olds could be the basically wish of bringing them again.

Miranda, a misfit woman from the island's so much notorious relatives, and Phillips, an exiled teenager legal who hears the voices of the useless, needs to avoid every person from federal brokers to long-dead alchemists as they paintings to discover the secrets and techniques of the recent misplaced Colony. the only factor they cannot keep away from is each one other.

Blackwood is a gloomy, witty coming of age tale that mixes America's oldest secret with a completely modern romance.

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