Blood Treachery *OP

Blood Treachery *OP

Steven Dipesa

Centuries in the past, residence Tremere splintered from the Order of Hermes to turn into a cabal of vampire warlocks. the 2 verified an uneasy truce in the past. wanting to reclaim its background, the Order of Hermes pronounces warfare on its errant relatives, whereas the vampires desire to capture the mages with their blood sorcery, ensnaring wizards into the Jyhad. Is it the tip for either or the start of an unholy alliance?

Long have mages identified that vampires have strength. Now the Traditions visit conflict opposed to the undead during this yr of Revelations ebook. discover ideas for ghoul and revenant mages, and check out the unique improvement of apartment Tremere and its mystery expatriates within the Orders condominium Tytalus. Unearth the key magic fueled by way of the Curse of Caine, and the implications of bold to battle opposed to the undead.

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