Blue Revolution: Unmaking America's Water Crisis

Blue Revolution: Unmaking America's Water Crisis

Cynthia Barnett

american citizens see water as plentiful and inexpensive: we activate the tap and out it gushes, for only a penny a gallon. We use extra water than the other tradition on the planet, a lot to quench what’s now our biggest crop—the garden. but such a lot americans can't identify the river or aquifer that flows to our faucets, irrigates our meals, and produces our electrical energy. And so much don’t detect those freshwater resources are in deep trouble.

Blue Revolution exposes the reality concerning the water crisis—driven now not as a lot through garden sprinklers as through a convention that has inspired everybody, from householders to farmers to utilities, to faucet an increasing number of. however the booklet additionally bargains a lot explanation for wish. Award-winning journalist Cynthia Barnett argues that the easiest answer is usually the easiest and within your means: a water ethic for the USA. simply because the eco-friendly move helped construct information approximately power and sustainability, so a blue flow will reconnect americans to their water, supporting us worth and preserve our so much life-giving source. keeping off previous errors, residing inside of our water capability, and turning to “local water” as we do neighborhood meals are all a part of this new, blue revolution.

Reporting from around the kingdom and world wide, Barnett exhibits how humans, companies, and governments have come jointly to dramatically lessen water use and opposite the water problem. complete metro components, corresponding to San Antonio, Texas, have halved consistent with capita water use. Singapore’s “closed water loop” recycles each drop. New applied sciences can curb agricultural irrigation in part: companies can keep loads of water—and loads of money—with designs so simple as recycling air-conditioning condensate.

The first publication to name for a countrywide water ethic, Blue Revolution is usually a strong meditation on water and neighborhood in the United States.

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