Bookwork: Medium to Object to Concept to Art

Bookwork: Medium to Object to Concept to Art

Garrett Stewart

“There they leisure, inert, impertinent, in gallery space—those e-book varieties both imitated or mutilated, replicas of studying subject or its vestiges. unusual, after its lengthy and strong profession, for the e-book to take early retirement in a museum, no longer as infrequent manuscript yet as functionless sculpture. Readymade or built, such publication shapes are canceled as textual content while deposited as gallery gadgets, close off from their basic interpreting whilst no longer, in a few but extra drastic approach, dismembered or reassembled.” So begins Bookwork, which follows our ardour for books to its logical severe in artists who hire came upon or simulated books as a sculptural medium. Investigating the conceptual hard work at the back of this proliferating foreign paintings perform, Garrett Stewart seems at thousands of book-like items, by myself or as a part of gallery installations, during this unique account of works that strength realization upon a book’s fabric id and cultural resonance.

Less an inquiry into the artist’s e-book than an exploration of the ebook form’s modern objecthood, Stewart’s interdisciplinary method lines the lineage of those competitive artifacts from the 1919 Unhappy Readymade of Marcel Duchamp right down to the present situation of paper-based media within the electronic period. Bookwork surveys and illustrates a gorgeous number of appropriated and fabricated books alike, starting from hacksawed discards to the enormous lead folios of Anselm Kiefer. The unreadable books Stewart engages with during this well timed research are came upon, many times, to generate picture metaphors for the textual event they restrict, changing into during this experience legible after all.

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