Brigans of Mirkwood (MERP ICE #8090)

Brigans of Mirkwood (MERP ICE #8090)

Charles Crutchfield

This complement is determined within the so much striking city of southern Rhovanion. chance the gullies and ravines that shape the streets of Strayhold, a number of miles south and east of Mirkwood. referred to as through many names, few of that are complimentary, it really is domestic to ratings of retailers and guests who ply the line to Rhûn. It additionally harbors an unsavory lot of highwaymen, petty thieves, and beggars. Brigands good points 3 whole adventures. All are self-contained, and will simply be utilized in different locales.

The cost of Strayhold, with its rag-tag number of constructions, has the air of a depressing carnival. For first time associates, its corduroy streets shape an intimidating labyrinth choked with hawkers and revellers. Strayhold's retailers cater to vagabonds and rogues out to spend their ill-gotten earnings and to visitors searching for pleasure or infrequent items. All demeanour of products can be found in the tangled streets; the range from pleasant and worthy to harmful and lethal. regrettably, many of the population lean towards the latter.


- 2 FULL-COLOR PAGES: that includes a fantastically particular urban map, and a space map of southern Mirkwood
- significant LAYOUTS: detailing an evil magician's fort, the massive Rogue's Clan-hall, the offended Horse hotel; plus magnify city-sections
- STRAYHOLD: a impolite group to not be forgotten, and never to be taken lightly
- three whole ADVENTURES: The day trip to Strayhold, Raid at the Rogue's Clan-hall, The citadel of Leärdinoth

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