Burning Books

Burning Books

Matthew Fishburn

The Nazi burning of the books in 1933 was once some of the most notorious political spectacles of the 20 th century. In Berlin and far and wide Germany, Nazi officers and scholars prepared problematic parades and bonfires to mark their embody of Hitler’s new executive. publication burning has due to the fact turn into the emblem of any oppressive regime, and a latest taboo. As Heinrich Heine is frequently quoted: ‘Where one burns books, one will quickly burn people’.

This unique and provocative new paintings examines the impression of those fires, targeting the years among the Nazi outrages and the e-book of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in 1953, a interval within which ebook burning took carry of the preferred mind's eye. even more than just the research of a unmarried surprising occasion, Burning Books explores how deeply embedded the myths of ebook burning became in our cultural and literary heritage, and illustrates the iconic charm of a superb detoxification bonfire.

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