Burning Horizon

Burning Horizon

Matthew Grau, Bob Arens, Robert N. Glass, Bruce H. Graw, Stephen McQuillan

Somewhere, It Burns...

The sands of time slip during the hourglass. the hot Earth executive mounts a determined initiative opposed to the Migou’s seat of energy. those who police the ar- cane underground face an invisible foe. The Disciples of the Rapine hurricane descend throughout the ashes to attack the Land Down below. a perilous plague unexpectedly grips the voters of the hot Earth govt. And an unforeseen best friend returns from the void, a mild within the darkness.

The finish includes on. Welcome to 2087.

Discover how humanity makes an attempt to discover a technological area. stay stunned via the on-going inner Nazzadi conflicts. detect that for which the Migou were scouring the Outback. And, regrettably, whatever perverse is born in the sacred arcane circles of the Esoteric Order of Dagon – a few that makes the Chrysalis company very offended. All whereas difficulties just like the starting to be road crime hold over from 2086. discover a yr within the unusual Aeon or lose your self within the lies and fake it isn’t happening.

Nowhere else will you discover a surroundings like this.

Inside this ebook you are going to find:

  • A carrying on with special exploration of the Aeon struggle, detailing the real occasions of 2087 and every thing that is going with them.
  • Seven items of provocative brief fiction to aid painting the texture of the atmosphere, in addition to a four-page comic.
  • A examine popular culture within the unusual Aeon, so as to add extra detailed style for your game.
  • An exploration of 4 smaller year-long plots that may be utilized in any video game, with feedback on the best way to weave them into your tale.
  • A targeted examine 5 significant parts of the overarcing CthulhuTech storyline, together with the warfare opposed to the Migou in orbit, the go back of unforeseen allies, a hemorrhagic plague that sweeps the hot Earth govt, the Chrysalis Corporation’s routine opposed to the place of work of inner safeguard, and the march of the Rapine typhoon into the Land Down Under.
  • A tool-kit of data, occasions, and proposals for Storyguides to take advantage of every one of those significant storylines, placing your Characters entrance and heart for the largest motion within the setting.
  • New expertise, mecha, and autos – relatively these designed to be used within the vacuum of house – in addition to area strive against rules.
  • This booklet is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling video game and calls for the middle Book.

    This publication is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and anxious content material and photographs. Reader discretion is suggested.

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