Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential

Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential

James Moore

compliment for Bush's mind

"Love him or hate him, Karl Rove is likely one of the so much amazing and winning political specialists of all time. during this riveting account, Wayne Slater and Jim Moore inform how he acquired there." —Paul Begala, CNN's Crossfire

"Bush's mind isn't really a hatchet task on George W. Bush. actually, the 2 authors mostly dispel the parable of Bush's supposedly poor IQ. yet, extra importantly, they lay naked the tale of ways Karl Rove could be the strongest guy in the United States. it is a compelling tale instructed by means of veteran Texas reporters who don't want a briefing packet to appreciate the lads they are writing about." —Philip Bruce, KCET/PBS tv, Los Angeles

The strongest person within the usa is probably not George W. Bush. it truly is most likely Karl Rove, the President's exceptional consultant. who's this guy and the way did he gather rather a lot strength? Having watched in awe for over fifteen years as they said at the upward thrust of Karl Rove, Moore and Slater divulge the brutal and infrequently morally questionable, yet constantly powerful ways that Karl Rove?and America's political system—actually operate.

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