Cannae 216 BC: Hannibal smashes Rome's Army (Campaign)

Cannae 216 BC: Hannibal smashes Rome's Army (Campaign)

Mark Healy

Osprey's learn of the conflict of Canae (216 BC), that is considered as one of many maximum battles of army background. Hannibal's stratagem has turn into a version of the superbly fought conflict and is studied intimately at army academies all over the world. At Cannae the Romans faced Hannibal with a military of 80,000 infantry and 6,000 cavalry. Hannibal confronted them with 40,000 foot and 10,000 horse. The engagement that was once a masterpiece of battlefield regulate. through the top of the clash the Romans had misplaced 47,500 infantry and 2,700 cavalry killed and an extra 19,300 captured.

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