Canti: Poems / A Bilingual Edition (Italian Edition)

Canti: Poems / A Bilingual Edition (Italian Edition)

Giacomo Leopardi

A New York Times remarkable ebook for 2011

Giacomo Leopardi is Italy's maximum sleek poet, the 1st eu author to painting and view the self in a fashion that feels generic to us this day. an outstanding classical student and patriot, he explored metaphysical loneliness in totally unique methods. even though he died younger, his effect was once huge, immense, and it's no exaggeration to assert that every one smooth poetry, not just in Italian, derives in a roundabout way from his work.

Leopardi's poetry is notoriously tough to translate, and he has been much less renowned to English-language readers than his crucial importance for his personal tradition could recommend. Now Jonathan Galassi, whose translations of Eugenio Montale were greatly acclaimed, has produced a robust, clean, direct model of this nice poet that provides English-language readers a brand new method of Leopardi. Galassi has contributed an informative creation and notes that supply a feeling of Leopardi's resources and ideas. this can be a vital ebook for someone who desires to comprehend the roots of recent lyric poetry.

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