Captive of Gor (Gorean Saga, Book 7)

Captive of Gor (Gorean Saga, Book 7)

John Norman

during this installment of the Gorean Saga, appealing and headstrong Elinor Brinton of Earth reveals herself thrust into the savage global of Counter-Earth, sometimes called Gor. Brinton needs to relinquish her earthly place as a stunning, prosperous, and robust girl whilst she reveals herself part of the cruel Gorean society. She is powerless as a feminine excitement slave within the camp of Targo the slave-merchant. compelled to benefit the humanities of delivering excitement to any guy who buys her, Elinor is decided to flee. however, she is bought for a excessive fee, and her grasp is decided to get his money’s worthy . . .

Rediscover this brilliantly imagined global the place males are masters and ladies stay to serve their each desire.

ASIN: B00J3EU504

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