Cinderella'S Secret Agent (A Year Of Loving Dangerously)

Cinderella'S Secret Agent (A Year Of Loving Dangerously)

Ingrid Weaver

THE AGENT: rushing sharpshooter Del Rogers.

THE EMERGENCY MISSION: Saving the day while pregnant waitress Maggie Rice wanted a supporting hand— pronto!

THE HIDDEN TALENT: Giving Sir Galahad a run for his money.

Holed up on a stakeout, Del was resolute to catch a perilous traitor named Simon. After a heritage of heartbreak, falling in love didn't issue into his undercover challenge. yet then he introduced Maggie’ s child and located the Cinderella of his desires. earlier than he may perhaps verify the placement, Del had briefly stepped into the position of Delilah’ s doting father… and Maggie’ s adoring husband! Dare this chivalrous undercover agent take pleasure in fantasies of happily-ever-after?

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