Citizens Without Frontiers

Citizens Without Frontiers

Engin F. Isin

States outline who their electorate are and exert keep an eye on over their existence and events. yet how does such energy persist in an international international the place humans, principles, and items consistently move the borders of what the states see as their sovereign territory?

This groundbreaking paintings units to ascertain and translates such demanding situations to provide a brand new state of mind approximately citizenship. leaving behind the sovereignty precept, it develops a brand new photograph of citizenship utilizing the connectedness precept. to take action, it translates acts of citizenship by way of following "activist citizens" the world over via case stories, from Wikileaks and the Gaza flotilla to China's digital global and Darfur.

Written via a pacesetter within the box, this available and unique paintings imagines electorate with no frontiers as a politics with no neighborhood and belonging, inclusion with out exclusion, the place the frontier turns into a kind of otherness that voters erase or create. This distinct paintings brings forth a brand new and artistic strategy to strategy citizenship past barriers that may attract a person learning citizenship, social routine, and migration.

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