Civilization: The West and the Rest

Civilization: The West and the Rest

Niall Ferguson

Western civilization’s upward push to international dominance is the only most crucial historic phenomenon of the previous 5 centuries

How did the West overtake its jap opponents? And has the zenith of Western energy now handed? Acclaimed historian Niall Ferguson argues that starting within the 15th century, the West built six robust new thoughts, or “killer applications”—competition, technology, the guideline of legislations, glossy drugs, consumerism, and the paintings ethic—that the remaining lacked, permitting it to surge earlier all different competitors.

Yet now, Ferguson indicates how the remainder have downloaded the killer apps the West as soon as monopolized, whereas the West has actually misplaced religion in itself. Chronicling the increase and fall of empires along clashes (and fusions) of civilizations, Civilization: The West and the remainder recasts international heritage with strength and wit. Boldly argued and teeming with memorable characters, this can be Ferguson at his best possible.

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