Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition)

Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition)

Jeremy Vetock

at the jap edge of the galaxy, a brand new energy is emerging. The Tau search to convey enlightenment to a barbaric period, and any who refuse to hitch their unified reason are speedily proven the mistake in their methods. Led via their mysterious airy caste, the Tau are convinced and bold. With complicated weaponry and an knowing of the paintings of war, global after international has fallen to the Tau Empire. The very stars themselves could be reforged within the reason for the larger Good.

This 104 web page hardcover booklet contains: the tale of ways the Tau united to start their growth around the galaxy; an outline of, and ideas for, the lethal warriors of the fireplace caste, the alien auxiliaries that help them, in addition to refined guns and modern autos of the Tau; a exhibit of superbly painted Tau Empire fortress miniatures, with a number of color schemes and insignia of alternative septs; and a finished military checklist in order to organise your Tau Empire miniatures at the tabletop.

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