In the some distance destiny, the Heliothane Dominion is successful within the sunlight procedure, after a sour warfare with their Umbrathane progenitors. yet a number of the Umbrathane have escaped into the far-off previous, the place they could place themselves to wreak havoc throughout time and undo their defeat. the main fanatical of them is the superhuman cover, extra significant than any of the creatures outdoor his prehistoric redoubt.

Cowl sends his terrifying hyperdimensional puppy, the torbeast, searching via the entire timelines for human specimens. It sheds its scales -- every one an natural time laptop -- the place its grasp orders. an individual who choices one up is dragged again to the sunrise of time, the place cover awaits. Then the beast can feed, starting to be ever higher . . .

In our personal near-future, Tack is considered one of U-gov's programmable killers. while a scale latches onto him, his doom turns out inevitable, however the Heliothane produce other rules: they could use Tack opposed to cover. Tack is not any stranger to violence, however the Heliothane, hardened of their fight for humanity's very life, have a lot to educate him. he'll desire all of it for his come across with Cowl.

Once one in all Tack's pursuits, Polly escaped along with her existence whilst a torbeast scale snatched her. Now, like Tack, she needs to study quickly as she is dragged again to Day 0. To cheat dying back, she's going to need to aid him keep the human race.

With Cowl, Neal Asher, acclaimed writer of Gridlinked and The Skinner, has created his strongest novel yet.

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