Crossing California

Crossing California

Adam Langer

Poignant, formidable, and enormously enjoyable, Crossing California is the fiction discovery of the season-a novel approximately generations of kinfolk and friendship in Chicago from November 1979 via January 1981.

In 1979 California road, in Chicago's West Rogers Park local, separates the upper-middle-class Jewish households from the commonly middle-class Jewish citizens at the east of the divide. This via turns humorous and heartbreaking first novel tells the tale of 3 households and their teenage kids dwelling on both sides of California, following their loves, heartaches, and friendships in the course of a memorable second of yankee background. Langer's appealing pictures, his uncanny and terribly bright new edition of a not-so-past time and position, and his pitch-perfect discussion all make Crossing California absolute to evoke stories and longing in its readers-as good as laughter and anxiousness. even if considered as an American Graffiti for the seventies, The (Jewish) Corrections, a Chicagoan Manhattan, or early Philip Roth for a later new release, Crossing California is an unforgettable, and carefully relaxing, contribution to modern fiction.

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