Dark Heart: The Meetings Sextet, Volume III

Dark Heart: The Meetings Sextet, Volume III

Tina Daniell


At lengthy final, the tale of the gorgeous dark-hearted Kitiara Uth Matar. This compelling novel tells the tale of the start of her dual brothers, the warrior Caramon and the frail mage Raistlin, and Kit's admirable position of their upbringing.

But her younger mercenary deeds and lengthening fascination with evil throw her into the corporate of a roguish stranger and band of adventurers whose fates are intermingled together with her personal. Haunted through the reminiscence of her Solamnic father, she hunts him ceaselessly.

Tina Daniell's first novel brings to lifestyles this impressive warrior-woman, whose credo of "the sword is fact" turns into her triumph and downfall.

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