DarkShip Thieves

DarkShip Thieves

Sarah A. Hoyt

Exciting area experience by means of a brand new megastar of technological know-how Fiction and delusion.

Athena Hera Sinistra by no means desired to visit house. by no means sought after see the eerie glow of the Powerpods. by no means desired to stopover at Circum Terra. by no means had any curiosity to find out the reality concerning the DarkShips. you usually get what you don’t ask for. Which should have been why she awakened in the dead of night of shipnight, in the larger evening of house in her father’s area cruiser, realizing that there has been a stranger in her room. very quickly, after removing the stranger—who grew to become out to be one in all her father’s bodyguards as much as no solid, she was once hurtling clear of the send in a lifeboat to get aid. yet what she obtained as an alternative will be the experience of a lifetime—if she controlled to outlive. . . .

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