Dead Man's Deal: The Asylum Tales

Dead Man's Deal: The Asylum Tales

Jocelynn Drake

Dead Man's Deal through Jocelynn Drake maintains the darkish and unsafe adventures of a paranormal tattoo artist started in Angel's Ink.

In a gritty city fable international the place elves, faeries, trolls, werewolves, and vampires swim unfastened in a sea of humanity, occasionally you wish an edge. Looking for a bit love? Need a few success? determined for revenge? Gage may give you what you would like. The most talented tattoo artist on the town, he knows the right symbol and the right combination of ingredients and ink to accomplish your heart's hope. One tattoo is all it takes. yet remember, everything has its price.

The wizards know Gage is utilizing forbidden magic, they usually intend to punish him for his  transgressions. Too undesirable if blameless people and monsters—entire cities—get within the approach. they're going to quell a nascent magical rebellion and Gage may be the sacrifice they need. First, though, they need to locate him.

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