Destiny's Price (Mage: The Ascension)

Destiny's Price (Mage: The Ascension)

Phil Brucato, Forrest Black, Beth Ficschi, Amelia G., Stephen Long, Jaymi Wiley

The Test

The rainy highway reflected the neon and the darkish both, impassively. At my toes, one other lifestyles. I swallowed, knelt, felt her faltering pulse. I caressed her cheek. A caress just like the angel of loss of life. My throat tightened: Why do I remain? as though in reaction, the loss of life lady whispered, "Hold me."

"At what fee such power?" requested Siehchang. And back: "At what fee such knowledge?"

I used to be silent. How may well I respond?

"Indeed," he stated, "who can solution totally to destiny's price?"

- Kiki Siehchang, Verbena grasp, from the The Dialogues of Siehchang and Ortega
The Price

The streets provide unending questions. This ebook, despite the fact that, holds many solutions for the Gothic-Punk troupe. inside its pages, gamers and Storytellers will locate characters, settings, new principles, road apparatus, and a few harsh truths concerning the city nightmare, including:

A guided travel of the streets by way of person who is familiar with them.

Dozens of characters, settings and guns, plus information about equipped legal groups.

Source fabric for Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith or even Changeling.

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