Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism?: Five Interventions in the (Mis)Use of a Notion (The Essential Žižek)

Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism?: Five Interventions in the (Mis)Use of a Notion (The Essential Žižek)

Slavoj Žižek

Undermining the liberal-democratic consensus that permits the designation of totalitarianism.

In a few circles, a nod in the direction of totalitarianism is sufficient to brush aside any critique of the established order. Such is the insidiousness of the neo-liberal ideology, argues Slavoj Žižek. Did a person Say Totalitarianism? turns a specious rhetorical process on its head to spot a community of kinfolk resemblances among totalitarianism and sleek liberal democracy. Žižek argues that totalitarianism is always outlined when it comes to 4 issues: the Holocaust because the final, diabolical evil; the Stalinist gulag because the alleged fact of the socialist innovative venture; ethnic and non secular fundamentalisms, that are to be fought via multiculturalist tolerance; and the deconstructionist concept that the final word root of totalitarianism is the ontological closure of inspiration. Žižek concludes that the satan lies now not loads within the aspect yet in what permits the very designation totalitarian: the liberal-democratic consensus itself.

“The ferociously effective Slovenian thinker now takes up a kind of heavy, predictable, unpromising topics—totalitarianism—and manages to provide a whirling carnival of political critique, cultural interpretations, and ornery bombast.” – New Political Science

“As an alternative choice to the present post-modernist cult of cynicism and retreat into islands of privateness and nihilism ... the 5 essays making up Did anyone Say Totalitarianism? insist at the social hyperlink and supply the visionary energy for resistance opposed to all types of totalized explanations.” – World Literature Today

“This try and reconsider the stipulations of radical political motion is one among a few symptoms that, after the doldrums of the Nineteen Eighties and Nineteen Nineties, left-wing concept is commencing to revive. it is going to be interesting to keep on with the place the flood of eloquence and mind's eye subsequent sweeps Slavoj Žižek.” – Times Literary Supplement

“Žižek is an enjoyable author who could command recognition if he have been simply describing the way to combine cement. He wastes no time in tilting on the taken-for-granted ... Žižek desires to locate the cracks within the suggestion of totalitarianism and fill them with dynamite.” – Times larger schooling Supplement

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