Dismantling the Empire: America's Last Best Hope (American Empire Project)

Dismantling the Empire: America's Last Best Hope (American Empire Project)

Chalmers Johnson

In his prophetic ebook Blowback, released prior to September 11, Chalmers Johnson warned that our mystery operations in Iraq and somewhere else around the world might designated a value at domestic. Now, in an excellent sequence of essays written over the past 3 years, Johnson measures that cost and the ensuing risks the United States faces. Our reliance on Pentagon economics, an international empire of bases, and battle eternally is, he pronounces, not anything in need of "a suicide option."

Dismantling the Empire explores the topics for which Johnson is now recognized, from the origins of blowback to Barack Obama's Afghanistan conundrum, together with our inept spies, undesirable habit in different international locations, ill-fought wars, and capitulation to an army that has taken ever extra regulate of the federal finances. there's, he proposes, just one method out: President Obama needs to start to dismantle America's empire of bases ahead of the Pentagon dismantles the yank dream. If we don't study from the fates of previous empires, he indicates, our decline and fall are foreordained. this can be Johnson at his most sensible: offering either a caution and a vital prescription for a treatment.

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