District and Circle: Poems

District and Circle: Poems

Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heaney's new assortment starts off "In an age of naked palms and solid iron" and ends as "The computerized lock / clunks shut" within the eerie new stipulations of a menaced twenty-first century. of their haunted, virtually visionary readability, the poems assay the load and value of what has been held within the hand and within the reminiscence. photos out of a formative years spent secure from the horrors of global battle II – railway sleepers, a sledgehammer, the "heavyweight / Silence" of "Cattle out in rain" – are coloured by way of a strongly modern feel that "Anything can happen," and different photographs from the harmful current – a trip at the Underground, a melting glacier – are fraught with this similar anxiety.

But District and Circle, which incorporates a variety of prose poems and translations, bargains resistance because the poet gathers his staying powers and stands his flooring within the hiding locations of affection and excited language. In a series like "The Tollund guy in Springtime" and in numerous poems which "do the rounds of the district" – its recognized roads and rivers and bushes, its known and unexpected ghosts – the gravity of memorial is reworked into the grace of recollection. With extra take pleasure in and conviction than ever, Seamus Heaney keeps his belief within the obduracy of workaday realities and the secret of daily renewals.

District and Circle is the winner of the 2007 Poetry Now award and the 2006 T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry.

*First released hardcover 2006*

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