DIY Tel Aviv: The alternative guide to Tel Aviv

DIY Tel Aviv: The alternative guide to Tel Aviv

Shmirit Elisar

From the Preface:

"By penning this advisor, it's not that i am attempting to compete
with the larger, extra verified courses to Israel
and Tel Aviv. this is often whatever that you can upload to
your interpreting record, that you should keep away from
tourist traps and observe the true urban and its
underground lifestyles. for the reason that you won’t locate many
obvious vacationer stuff the following, nor an excessive amount of approximately

I’ve now not shied clear of the political during this
guide since it is an essential component of the neighborhood
underground scene. when you don’t percentage my left-
leaning political opinions or are usually not drawn to
Israeli politics or volunteering, you're welcome
to forget about the Politics & Activism part
completely. the majority of the locations during this
guide don't have anything to do with politics whatever,
although I evidently have something for locations
lefties and liberals could common. "

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