DNS and BIND (5th Edition)

DNS and BIND (5th Edition)

DNS and BIND tells you every thing you want to paintings with one of many Internet's basic development blocks: the dispensed host info database that is liable for translating names into addresses, routing mail to its right vacation spot, or even directory mobilephone numbers with the recent ENUM commonplace. This ebook brings you recent with the newest adjustments during this an important service.

The 5th version covers BIND 9.3.2, the newest liberate of the BIND nine sequence, in addition to BIND 8.4.7. BIND 9.3.2 comprises additional advancements in protection and IPv6 aid, and significant new gains equivalent to internationalized domains, ENUM (electronic numbering), and SPF (the Sender coverage Framework).

Whether you are an administrator concerned with DNS each day or a person who desires to be extra expert concerning the net and the way it really works, you will discover that this publication is vital reading.

Topics include:

  • What DNS does, the way it works, and should you have to use it
  • How to discover your personal position within the Internet's namespace
  • Setting up identify servers
  • Using MX documents to path mail
  • Configuring hosts to take advantage of DNS identify servers
  • Subdividing domain names (parenting)
  • Securing your identify server: proscribing who can question your server, fighting unauthorized area transfers, fending off bogus servers, etc.
  • The DNS protection Extensions (DNSSEC) and Transaction Signatures (TSIG)
  • Mapping one identify to a number of servers for load sharing
  • Dynamic updates, asynchronous notification of swap to a area, and incremental region transfers
  • Troubleshooting: utilizing nslookup and dig, interpreting debugging output, universal problems
  • DNS programming utilizing the resolver library and Perl's Net::DNS module

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