Don't Lose Your Mind: Making the Most of Madness in the Mad City

Don't Lose Your Mind: Making the Most of Madness in the Mad City

Benjamin Baugh

A pair of presidency brokers stalk a runaway lady armed in simple terms with a teddy endure. they're by no means heard from back. A psychopathic hero wields each blade that ever murdered, carving off items of his character with the intention to push back the Nightmares. A temptress lures the tough and vile to attack her—only to seize them in a jail equipped from her personal ribcage. Trailing ash and burning footprints with each step, a guy cursed with Orpheus’ present delves deeper into Hell every day on a quest to discover the final lacking puzzle-piece had to rebuild his past due female friend from the smash she has become…

This is the tale of the unsleeping. From the depths in their negative and planned insanity, they face Nightmares either unusual and dire, constantly realizing they're just a couple of moments clear of turning into what they fight.

From writer Benjamin Baugh (Monsters & different infantile issues) comes Don’t Lose Your brain, a Don’t leisure Your Head complement that explores the darkest depths of insanity on your video game. inside of you’ll locate twenty-six distinct insanity skills that push the limits of mind's eye. each one provides method to its personal special Nightmare, able to darken each player’s door. And on the wealthy, nougaty heart of this tome you’ll discover a toolbox of latest thoughts and views for supercharging madness at your desk, and benefiting from insanity within the Mad City.

Contains mature subject material. now not prompt for the abnormally sane.

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