Don't Rest Your Head: A Game of Insomnia in the Mad City

Don't Rest Your Head: A Game of Insomnia in the Mad City

Fred Hicks

You can't sleep. It begun like that for we all, again once we have been backyard style insomniacs. might be you had nightmares (God is aware all of us do now), or perhaps you simply had difficulties that wouldn't allow you to sleep. Hell, perhaps you have been simply over-caffienated. yet then whatever clicked.

That used to be if you took an extended stroll down the streets of the Mad urban, stopped being a Sleeper, and began being wakeful. yet that click on you heard wasn't from the key international snapping into position. It used to be the sound of the Nightmares flicking off the security and pointing a gun at your head.

They can scent you. The Paper Boys are last in, and you'd larger pray you don't turn into a headline. You're buddy within the water, my good friend, and it's time you were given prepared for it... earlier than the clock chimes 13 back. Now that you're one in every of us, there's only one basic rule left that needs to dominate your life.

Stay unsleeping. Don't relaxation Your Head.

Don’t leisure Your Head is a graceful, risky little online game, the place your avid gamers are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, battling — and utilizing — exhaustion and insanity to stick alive, and wide awake for only one extra evening, in a truth long past method incorrect known as the Mad urban.

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