Doomsday 2012: The Maya Calendar and the History of the End of the World

Doomsday 2012: The Maya Calendar and the History of the End of the World

Catherine Zuckerman

The Maya calendar began on August eleven, 3114 BCE (corresponding date within the proleptic Gregorian calendar) and should finish on December 21 2012. Will it's Armageddon or simply one other day? The believers are making survival arrangements and turning to non secular leaders for assistance and solace. stick with nationwide Geographic throughout the maze of doomsday prophets, cult leaders, and foreign and ancient finish instances teachings to appreciate the technology at the back of the Maya calendar and the phenomenon of Armageddon predictions.
Scientists and historians recognize that end-of-days considering has happened all through time around the globe. Norse mythology estimated the area will be submerged in water; old Greeks believed that Zeus’s defeat through his son could be the grand finale. In  A.D. seventy nine, Romans inspiration Mount Vesuvius’s eruption in Pompeii was once the beginning of the apocalypse. Jewish, Christian, and Islamic texts all contain a few writing approximately finish occasions. The 12 months 1666—feared by way of many Christians—proved itself to be the yr of the Beast while the good fireplace of London visited God’s wrath (as greatly believed) at the British. Hailey’s Comet drove Europeans and americans into apocalyptic matches in 1910.
person charismatic figures have led hundreds of thousands in unfulfilled Armageddon watches. for instance, in 1843, non secular chief William Miller’s doomsday prediction failed (The nice Disappointment), yet led fans to set up the 7th Day Adventists. The Jehovah’s Witnesses awaited the world’s lead to 1914. Preacher Jim Jones led enormous quantities of cult individuals to dedicate suicide in Ghana within the Seventies. Pat Robertson used to be definite Jesus was once returning for the Rapture within the Nineteen Eighties. The chief of the cult Heaven’s Gate confident 39 fans to dedicate suicide to flee impending destruction in 1997. And there’s no signal of a decelerate. in truth, the net has spawned a plethora of doomsday cult leaders, from Y2K hysterics to the newest non secular determine Harold tenting, whose rapture predictions of 2011 left his fans earth-bound.

nationwide Geographic debunks the parable and illuminates the interesting realities of the Maya calendar, the 2012 phenomenon, and Armageddon prophecies during the a while.

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