Dreams of Other Worlds: The Amazing Story of Unmanned Space Exploration

Dreams of Other Worlds: The Amazing Story of Unmanned Space Exploration

Chris Impey, Holly Henry

Dreams of different Worlds describes the unmanned house missions that experience opened new home windows on far-off worlds. Spanning 4 a long time of dramatic advances in astronomy and planetary technological know-how, this publication tells the tale of 11 iconic exploratory missions and the way they've got essentially reworked our medical and cultural views at the universe and our position in it.

The trip starts with the Viking and Mars Exploration Rover missions to Mars, which paint a startling photograph of a planet on the cusp of habitability. It then strikes into the area of the fuel giants with the Voyager probes and Cassini's ongoing exploration of the moons of Saturn. The Stardust probe's dramatic round-trip stumble upon with a comet is introduced vividly to existence, as are the SOHO and Hipparcos missions to review the solar and Milky method. This stunningly illustrated ebook additionally explores how our view of the universe has been introduced into sharp concentration through NASA's nice observatories--Spitzer, Chandra, and Hubble--and how the WMAP challenge has supplied infrequent glimpses of the sunrise of creation.

Dreams of different Worlds unearths how those unmanned exploratory missions have redefined what it skill to be the transitority tenants of a small planet in an enormous cosmos.

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