Dreams of Steel (The Fifth Chronicle of the Black Company)

Dreams of Steel (The Fifth Chronicle of the Black Company)

Glen Cook

Dreams of Steel is ebook five in Glen Cook's fable masterpiece, The Chronicles of the Black Company.

Croaker has fallen and, following the Company's disastrous defeat at Dejagore, woman is without doubt one of the few survivors―determined to avenge the corporate and herself opposed to the Shadowmasters, it doesn't matter what the cost.

But in assembling a brand new struggling with strength from the dregs and rabble of Taglios, she unearths herself provided support via a mysterious, historic cult of murder―competent, trustworthy, and it sounds as if devoted to her goals.

Meanwhile, far-off, Shadowmasters conspire opposed to each other and the realm, weaving darkish spells that stretch into the guts of Taglios. And in a hidden grove, a well-recognized determine slowly awakens to discover himself the captive of an lively, headless corpse.

Mercilessly slicing via Taglian intrigues, girl seems to be becoming enhanced each day. All that disturbs her are the desires which afflict her through night―dreams of carnage, of destruction, of common loss of life, unceasing...

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