Earthfall (Homecoming Saga)

Earthfall (Homecoming Saga)

Orson Scott Card

The Oversoul of the colony planet concord chosen the kinfolk of Wetchik to hold it again to long-lost Earth. Now grown to a tribe within the years in their trip to Harmony's hidden starport, they're prepared eventually to take a boat to the celebrities. yet from the start there was sour dispute among Nafai and Elemak, Wetchick's youngest son and his oldest.

On board the starship Bailica, the youngsters of the tribe turns into pawns within the fight. factions are each one making mystery plans to evoke the kids, and themselves, early from the cold-sleep tablets during which they'll cross the lengthy a long time of the adventure. both sides hopes to achieve years of effect at the minds of the kids, successful their loyalty within the fight for keep watch over of reclaimed Earth.

But the Oversoul is really accountable for this trip. It has downloaded an entire reproduction of itself to the Ship's pcs. And basically Nafai, who wears the Cloak of the Starmaster by means of the Oversoul's command, relatively comprehend what this can suggest to all their plans for the future.

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