Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music

Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music

Rob Young

A Kirkus Reviews top Nonfiction of 2011 name

In the overdue Sixties, with pop culture hurtling ahead at the sounds of rock track, a few courageous musicians regarded again as a substitute, attempting to get well the misplaced treasures of English roots song and replace them for the recent age. The files of Fairport conference, Pentangle, Steeleye Span, and Nick Drake are referred to as "folk rock" this day, yet Rob Young's epic, electrifying ebook makes transparent that these musicians led a decades-long quest to get well English music-and with it, the traditional ardor for mysticism and paganism, for craftsmanship and communal living.

It is a regular that rock and R&B got here out of the people and blues revivals of the early Sixties, and younger exhibits, via mesmerizing storytelling and significant observation, related revival in England encouraged the Beatles and red Floyd, Led Zeppelin and site visitors, Kate Bush and speak speak. Folklorists notated outdated songs and dances. Marxists placed people song ahead because the precise voice of the folk. Composers like Benjamin Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams devised wealthy neo-traditional pageantry. at the present time, the pioneers of the "acid people" circulation see this track as a version for his or her own.

Electric Eden is that infrequent ebook which has whatever actually new to claim approximately renowned track, and prefer Greil Marcus's Lipstick Traces, it makes use of song to attach the dots in an exhilarating tale of paintings and society, of culture and wild, idiosyncratic creativity.

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