Elyon (The Lost Books, Book 6)

Elyon (The Lost Books, Book 6)

Ted Dekker

Elyon's lakes have grew to become blood crimson. Is it a curse . . . or the cure?

Shaeda has one blue eye and one pink eye. not anyone absolutely is aware her tale, yet her mere gaze eats away on the middle of one's being. In his quest for strength, Johnis now reveals himself in her intoxicating grip.

Assumed identities, a magic amulet, the fearsome Shataiki bats, and a troubling alliance with the darkish Priest all converge opposed to the 3 ultimate chosen.

Only Elyon is aware what is going to take place whilst the forces of final strong and evil conflict of their ultimate conflict. Dive deep with them during this epic conclusion—if you dare!

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