Emergency Poems

Emergency Poems

Nicanor Parra

**there is a request for Nicanor Parra's Antipoems in any layout for ~50 MB. If this is often uploaded in well scanned dual-language PDF, permit me understand and that i will upload a hundred and fifty MB to the request**

translated by way of Miller Williams

i have no idea why Parra was once no longer in this web site. i'm back correcting such an oversight. i don't know the way there may be rather a lot from Bolano (thank you uploaders, by way of the way), after which not anything by means of Parra....very very unhappy scenario. tragic.

This is excellent.

dual-language translation

from the intro:
When Parra’s traces appear disconnected, for the reason that they arc hooked up
in a supralogical means during which we aren't familiar with seeing issues.
When the conventions o f cause-and-result appear to be outraged, they are.
The poetry has moved and improved because the mind's eye in the back of it has
since the ebook of Poems and Antipoems. people who find themselves standard
with Parra's paintings will locate the humor extra sharply honed and darker,
the anger toward the skin and occasionally breaking via, the
language tighter, the compassion deeper and the statements extra
political—or besides extra social.

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